Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Radio Bastard: Here's How It Works

Here's what you need to know about Radio Bastard:

Radio Bastard is a wild, surreal and occasionally theological comedy set in the sordid recesses of the local radio station serving Little Bastard On The Prowl, a farming community somewhere in Southern England, told in 15 Tarantinoesque episodes.

Starting next Wednesday, 18 September, we will be releasing an episode a week (with occasional bonus material) on the Radio Bastard page. The episodes run between four and nine minutes each, and will be available for download only. There will be bonuses and tie-ins along the way, and customers who purchase all 15 episodes will also be eligible for a special reduction of 50% off the Buy All Six Faction Paradox CDs promotion.

So tune your dial to Radio Bastard and let the adventures begin!