Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A message from Peter Miles

A warm hello and a happy Christmas to all sci-fi fans from PETER MILES alias Nyder in Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks and a whole collection of good parts on BBC TV, YTV, ATV, Thames TV, and Granada TV.

I'm also a professional singer of the GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK with a brilliant jazz quintet. Plus my guest singer from the movies of James Bond, Miss Caron Gardener, now a lovely singer.

We'd like you to attend our entertaining gig on the evening of Tuesday (8:30), the 23rd December 2014, at the famous club in the BULL'S HEAD, Barnes-on-Thames (Short single-decker bus ride from Hammersmith Station). BAR OPEN. Show over at 11 PM.

Entry £10, OR £8 in advance on

PS: I'm giving away Christmas presents of 14 10x8 photos from BBC TV of myself and other well-knowns esp. Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks.


Peter Miles