Saturday 2 March 2024


Once again, the industrious Chrisi Pashley provides the narration and detailed sound design for Prelude, a short story by David Tulley.

This was originally scripted as a teaser for the full cast Blake’s 7 adventure, The Mark of Kane (available as part of the Ultimate Download Megapack).

As it stands, I'm sure that many of you will recognise how the themes of this story have a keen resonance with current world events. 

To listen to this new production, which also features a startling appearance from Brian Croucher as Space Commander Travis, simply click on the first link above for your FREE download. 

The Magic Bullet team would also like to extend their thanks to artist Timothy Stephen Keable, for providing a superbly visceral illustration to complement this release.

More free audio stories are available here:
Travis: The Final Line:
You Fly, You Die:
Premature Burial:

Friday 23 February 2024

More Sad News...

John Savident, known to Blake's 7 fans for his memorable appearances as Fleet Warden Samor in Trial, and Egrorian in Orbit, has passed away. He was aged 86.

A Citizen of Kaldor

We are very sad to report that Pamela Salem has died at the age of eighty. 

Fans of cult SF will recall her Doctor Who appearances as Acting Commander Toos in The Robots of Death, Professor Rachel Jensen in Remembrance of the Dalek and one of the voices of Xoanon in The Face of Evil. She also played the high priestess Kara in the Blake’s 7 episode Cygnus Alpha.

Wednesday 21 February 2024

There goes another of the old guard...

We at Magic Bullet Productions are shocked to hear that artist Nick Spender has passed away.

Over the years he contributed several pieces of work, including this very dynamic illustration for the Blake's 7 story Premature Burial.

A free-to-download audio adaptation of Premature Burial can be found at:

Thursday 15 February 2024


Even if you are purchasing only a single Faction Paradox or Kaldor City CD, you will still receive your bonus art cards.

Friday 2 February 2024


As an addendum to Magic Bullet’s recent release of the free-to-download Blake’s 7 audio play, Premature Burial, Southside Radio speaks to sound designer Chrisi Pashley and writer, producer, and director Alan Stevens. Listen to it here.

Please note: The interview starts nine minutes and 51 seconds into the recording. 


Saturday 13 January 2024


This year we have another brilliant and absolutely free Annual from the Doctor Who Appreciation Society!

Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore would like to send their thanks to Chrisi Pasheley and Ben John for photo enhancement and also to editor Paul Winter for allowing them to contribute three articles (Genesis of the Daleks, The Robots of Death, and Image of the Fendahl) to this impressive venture.

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