Saturday 16 February 2013

The True History of Faction Paradox Reviewed

New in our Reviews section, a series overview/review of The True History of Faction Paradox audio CD series by author and editor D.R. Partridge. Find out why he thinks that the "cast, direction and sound engineering are nothing short of sublime"!

Friday 1 February 2013

Revenge is (not so) sweet

Here's another "50 Things..." article, focusing on "Revenge of the Cybermen". How do the Vogans reproduce? And is Commander Stevenson a homicidal bastard? Can you ever see a Seventies Cybermat again without thinking of battery-powered in-car hoovers? Find out!

Outside In is Out

Just a reminder that the collection of Doctor Who essays Outside In is now in release; we've got our copies and it's great. If you need more convincing, here's a review from Starburst Magazine.