Saturday 22 December 2018

Last-minute Christmas shopping time!

Stuck for a present for the Battlestar Galactica fan on your list! Just released from Sequart Publishing,  Somewhere Beyond the Heavens is a comprehensive and entertaining book of articles about old and new series, and one of those is by Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore! Click the link for details.

Saturday 8 December 2018

Wait, Anthony Ainley is dressed up as *what* now?

Christmas is time for panto, and you don't get much more panto than Time-Flight. The latest 50 Things... takes you through the tinsel, the glitter, the borderline-dodgy humour, the people dressing up and the topical references, to explore the strangest Doctor Who story ever to be set in an airport. Climb aboard the Concorde!

The Black Archive on The Robots of Death

It's official! Obverse Books' The Black Archive series, which is a collection of book-length in-depth examinations of every Doctor Who story from 1963 to the present, has announced that their volume on The Robots of Death will be coming out in 2020, and will be written by Magic Bullet's own Fiona Moore, scriptwriter on Hidden Persuaders and extensive contributor to the Articles page. More details closer to the time!