Monday 22 August 2022

Why "The Prisoner" is Great

 Interview with Fiona Moore and Dean Motter (author of Shattered Visage, a The Prisoner graphic novel) on why The Prisoner is great, 55 years after it aired:

Monday 15 August 2022

Fly My Pretties, Fly!

Here is artist Timothy Stephen Keable's moody and evocative artwork for the giveaway Doctor Who postcard that's available for free with Celestial Toyroom issue 531/2. He tells me it was “inspired by the double spread in The Dalek Outer Space Book depicting The Strata of Skaro, specifically ‘Icanos’.”


Sunday 7 August 2022

Management Lessons from Game of Thrones is now available!

 A non-Kaldor, but KC-related, project is now complete: Management Lessons from Game of Thrones!  This is the management textbook you never knew you wanted, but now you know you have to have it: learn all about strategy, organisation studies and personnel management through battles, murders, and really bloody weddings. The hardback has a scary academic price tag, but the paperback has a nice friendly RRP of £20/$30 or equivalent, and you can get ebooks from the publisher's website.

Purchasing details and links are here.

Tuesday 2 August 2022

Look! Cats and Daleks!

Every picture tells a story (or so it’s said). Judged by artist Andy Lambert’s amazing wrap-around cover for this edition of Celestial Toyroom, Vincent Van Gogh’s involved meeting the Sixth Doctor and encountering at least one Dalek sometime after his adventure with the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond!

Great stuff!