Saturday 13 December 2014

Holiday Schedule

Just so you know, we'll be taking our usual break between 22 December and 2 January. Since the 21st is a Sunday, that means: get all your holiday orders for physical products in by the 20th, or wait till 2015. Download orders will be processed as usual over the holidays.

A Christmas Turkey, With Stuffing

And now, for your holiday pleasure, we bring you 33 Stupid Things about “Doctor Who: The American Telemovie With No Name” (And 17 Cool Ones). The story that brought us Gordon Tipple's Master, San Francisco Mean Time, the Dalek Castrato Choir, and the first companion in history to succeed at killing the Doctor.

Wednesday 3 December 2014

A message from Peter Miles

A warm hello and a happy Christmas to all sci-fi fans from PETER MILES alias Nyder in Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks and a whole collection of good parts on BBC TV, YTV, ATV, Thames TV, and Granada TV.

I'm also a professional singer of the GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK with a brilliant jazz quintet. Plus my guest singer from the movies of James Bond, Miss Caron Gardener, now a lovely singer.

We'd like you to attend our entertaining gig on the evening of Tuesday (8:30), the 23rd December 2014, at the famous club in the BULL'S HEAD, Barnes-on-Thames (Short single-decker bus ride from Hammersmith Station). BAR OPEN. Show over at 11 PM.

Entry £10, OR £8 in advance on

PS: I'm giving away Christmas presents of 14 10x8 photos from BBC TV of myself and other well-knowns esp. Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks.


Peter Miles