Thursday 21 December 2023


Premature Burial, a short story by David Tulley and Alan Stevens, has been made into an impressive audio adventure, through the collaboration of sound designers Chrisi Pashley and the award-winning Alistair Lock.

The tale has received approval from Chris Boucher, who thought it a credible sequel to his scripted finalĂ© to Blake’s 7.

In addition, the production features a wonderful cameo from Alistair Lock, giving voice to the computers Orac and (for the first time) Slave.

To listen to this FREE download, simply click the link here.

Magic Bullet Productions would also like to thank artist Timothy Stephen Keable for his stunning complementary illustration.

Art cards for Premature Burial, Gothic, and Horror of Fang Rock will be given away to anyone who orders a Faction Paradox or Kaldor City CD from this website.

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Saturday 2 December 2023


Following the recent repeat, we have decided to repost a slightly updated version of 47 Stupid Things about An Adventure in Space and Time (and 3 Cool Ones). Because everybody needs a handy guide to the multitude of historical inaccuracies contained in this Doctor Who docudrama.