Tuesday 23 November 2021

Happy Anniversary! Free Celestial Toyroom download

 As a celebration of Doctor Who's 58th anniversary, we're making another issue of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society fanzine, Celestial Toyroom, available for free online. Click here to go to where you can download it in portrait or landscape format!

A Wheezing Groaning Sound!

 Looking for a way to celebrate Doctor Who Day? Why not buy a copy of the new issue of Vworp Vworp! Among the brilliant Doctor Who content are no less than three articles by our own Alan Stevens, mostly about Daleks! Click the link for more.

Sunday 31 October 2021

The Wheel Turns

With the new season of the year, and the new season of Doctor Who, almost upon us, we present a revised, extended and re-developed version of our article on The Wheel in Space, with Ann Worrall contributing thoughtful insights into the society that produced Zoe Heriot, as featured in the recent Doctor Who Appreciation Society Annual!

Monday 4 October 2021

A Kaldor Retrospective!

The Sirens of Audio have done a retrospective on Kaldor City! Enjoy it here:

Wednesday 22 September 2021

Mind Yourself

 In these days of uncertainty, we're told mindfulness is important. Therefore, this month we bring you 28 Cool Things About "The Mind of Evil" (and 22 Stupid Ones): A review of a story in which the Master has a more successful time as an Earth exile than the Doctor, and we all learn many interesting facts about Chinese languages! 

Thursday 26 August 2021

Master Clean Version!

Finally, here is Andy Lambert's excellent wrap-around cover, minus the Celestial Toyroom logo and issue number.

Friday 20 August 2021

Celestial Toyroom #520/1 UPDATE!

Here is Alan Stevens' Editor's blog entry for Celestial Toyroom issue 520/1.

Greetings all...

One of the best things about Doctor Who is that it can be a means to explore new avenues.

To use myself as an example, when I was a kid I found reading very difficult. Indeed, I spent most of my primary school years taking remedial classes.

I liked watching television, and comics were fine because I could easily follow the story by looking at the pictures, but the reading scheme books I was given, were dull and repetitive.

Then, one day, whilst wandering through WH Smith, I happened to notice a large paperback sporting the grinning face of Tom Baker surrounded by a variety of Doctor Who aliens, some of which I recognised.

There were two Daleks, Davros, a Sontaran, a Cyberman, a Sea Devil, and what I was later to discover, an Ice Warrior, a Silurian, and Azal the Dæmon.

“Mum, can I have this?”

“What do you want a book for?” she replied, with evident shock.“You can’t read!”

These were possibly not the most encouraging words you could speak to a child, but she bought it anyway, and, as The Doctor Who Monster Book was full of large photos and illustrations, reading wasn’t a necessity for enjoying it.

However, printed on the back were the covers of sixteen Doctor Who Target novelisations.

Some of the adventures had recently appeared on television, but there were others I’d never seen, or even knew existed.
A week later, at my request, mum purchased a copy of Doctor Who and the Cybermen.

Which is how and why I learned to read.

For me, Doctor Who, right from those early years, has always been an educational series, and so my latest edition of Celestial Toyroom, is, to some extent, a celebration of the life skills it has engendered amongst fans, whether through artistry, writing, deconstructing narratives, prop building, organising conventions, creating a business, producing spin-offs, or simply watching the BBC Sunday Classic Serials because ex-Doctor Who combo Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks worked on them.

With this in mind, I extend my gratitude to the following contributors of Who inspired thoughts and industry: Nicholas Hollands, Andy Lambert, JL Fletcher, Kevin Mullen, Colin Brockhurst, Ian Millsted Fiona Moore Dale Smith, Ann Worrall, Jez Strickley, John Darley, Steve Everitt, Tom Connor, Dylan Rees and Mary Milton.

Kindest regards,

Alan Stevens (with thanks to Sydney Newman)
 Below is a version of this edition's cover without the Celestial Toyroom logo!

Tuesday 17 August 2021

Time Monstered!

 Here's is artist JL Fletcher's latest especially commissioned Doctor Who postcard that's available for free with Celestial Toyroom issue 520/1. 

Wednesday 4 August 2021

Celestial Toyroom #520/1

This is Andy Lambert's smashing cover artwork for the next Celestial Toyroom edited by Alan Stevens. Overall, the issue runs to 44 pages and among its many features contains one article, in particular, The Making of Kaldor City, which will be of great interest to fans of Magic Bullet Productions. Check out the full contents here.


Thursday 8 July 2021

We at Magic Bullet are saddened to hear of the death of Andy Hopkinson, a brilliant model-maker, designer and photographer, whose visual signature defines Kaldor City and runs through all our work.

Saturday 19 June 2021


After the huge success of our making available Celestial Toyroom Issue 506, we bring you another complete edition of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society magazine, Celestial Toyroom Issue 508/9

 Edited by Alan Stevens and featuring an interview with the late Peter Miles as well as 50 Things About "The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar", there's lots for Magic Bullet fans to enjoy! Click the title to view it.

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Book Launch Friday: Global Taiwanese

 For readers of an academic persuasion, there's a book launch this Friday at 5 PM UK time, for Fiona Moore's book "Global Taiwanese," featuring experts on Taiwan and globalisation from around the world. Sign up by clicking the photo!

Monday 17 May 2021

Return to Power

Recently, we revisited, revised, and rewrote our article on "The Power of the Daleks" for publication in the Celestial Toyroom 2021 Annual, produced by the Doctor Who Appreciation Society. And we've now made this new version available on the website! If you haven't checked it out recently, click on the title to enjoy.

Wednesday 7 April 2021

The War Machines Cometh!

Here is JL Fletcher's smashing postcard that's given away free with Celestial Toyroom issue 516.

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Celestial Toyroom #516 UPDATE!

Celestial Toyroom issue 516 is currently being distributed and Alan Stevens' Guest Editor's Blog is now online:

 Well, I’m back

This edition is crammed with Silurians, Sea Devils, Sontarans, and War Machines. We take a detailed look at Ben and Polly, and then dissect showrunner Steven Moffats affair with The Time Travelers Wife. Theres a character study of Taren Capel, while, finally, we say our goodbyes to actor David Bailie.

All this is ably brought for your delectation by writers Paul Driscoll, Matthew Kilburn, Fiona Moore, Ian Scales, Jez Strickley, proofreader Ann Worrall and page designer Nicholas Hollands.

Further thanks should go to Andy Lambert for his awesome, wrap-around, full colour cover and to JL Fletcher for providing us with yet another in his series of collectible Doctor Who postcards.

When I prepare my editorial for Celestial Toyroom I look for a theme that ties everything together, and then later, for the Guest Editors blog, I search for a fresh angle on the issues contents.

This time Im focusing on the notion of duality.

Monsters in Doctor Who frequently represent the hostile 'other', intent on invading or manipulating our planet for their own nefarious ends.

As the series was created and has existed for the most part during the Cold War, its not really surprising that foreign invasion should feature so heavily in its stories.

Then there is the fear of new technology, with the Post Office Tower, a centre of civilising communications, providing the headquarters for the murderous computer WOTAN, enslaving us through mind control.

When we come to the Silurians and Sea Devils, things become a little more complicated. Their advanced cultures inhabited the Earth when we were still apes, but it should be recognised that three out of four of their TV adventures end with that particular cell of Homo Reptilia being destroyed, while their last major appearance had them return to hibernation for the next thousand years. A voice-over tells us that common groundwas finally achieved with the race known as Humanity, but we never actually find out how this was done.

The only Aliens to date we have seen successfully coexist on Earth with humans are the Zygons, and even then this was only accomplished by them concealing their true identities and shape-shifting into human form — with the fear of genocide hanging over them if their presence in society was ever detected.

Possibly the most sophisticated monster in the series was Taren Capel: a man whose mind was twisted out of shape from being raised as a child exclusively by robots.

Indeed, Dask, nee Taren Capel, with his dual identity, one calm and measured, the other a boiling cauldron of confused and conflicting emotions, may reveal the quintessential core of Doctor Who:

that trying to slay the monsters from other worlds is ultimately futile, as they are simply projections of our own fears made manifest.

From which we have to conclude that all the darkness in the universe stems from the darkness in the hearts of Ben and Polly.

Youre welcome!

Kindest regards,

 Alan Stevens (with thanks to Marianne Williamson)


Friday 26 March 2021

More Celestial Toyroom news!

 We've been doing a little housekeeping, and have provided updated versions of the Celestial Toyroom #506 pdfs on this website: improving resolution, making a few design changes, and adding a cleaner version of the postcard. This issue is a The Robots of Death/Kaldor City special (which has now been downloaded over four and a half thousand times!), so well worth checking out. Download the landscape version here, and the portrait version here.

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Celestial Toyroom #516 news!

Celestial Toyroom #516, edited by Alan Stevens, is now at the printers'. Preview the contents on the Doctor Who Appreciation Society website here!

Saturday 6 March 2021

David Bailie RIP

 Magic Bullet productions are very sad to report the death of the actor David Bailie, who brought Taren Capel so memorably to life, and was a huge supporter of the Kaldor City CD series.

Our thoughts are with his family. 

Saturday 6 February 2021

Limited Edition DWAS Doctor Who Annual 2021.

 The Doctor Who Appreciation Society has released a limited run hardback edition of ‘The Celestial Toyroom Annual 2021’, previously only available as a download. The annual runs to over 120 A5 pages with colour throughout. This year the book covers the Troughton era with articles on every second Doctor televised story from a wide range of writers, including Fiona Moore and Alan Stevens. Alister Pearson has provided the front cover with a special piece of artwork. Each copy purchased will benefit ‘Acting for Others’ an organisation supporting theatrical and creative arts professionals struggling during the CoVid crisis. 

To purchase visit the Society’s online shop at https://dwas-online-shop.shoplo.com/category/books-magazines 

Friday 1 January 2021

The Celestial Toyroom Annual 2021 Free Download!

Fiona Moore, Ann Worrall and Alan Stevens have contributed two reviews ("The Power of the Daleks" and "The Wheel in Space").
This is the fifth book in the series. This year deals with the Second Doctor. There are over 125 pages celebrating the Patrick Troughton era from ‘The Power of the Daleks’ to "The War Games’ and more. Many people have contributed - some views you may agree with and some you may not - but regardless, we very much hope you enjoy reading them all.
The annual is available free of charge for all fans at The Doctor Who Appreciation Society website.
To access it, please visit http://www.dwasonline.co.uk/node/1456
To download without opening, use a right-hand mouse click. File size approx 6mb.
A print version will be made available to buy later in January 2021. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for details.