Saturday 21 December 2013

Peter Miles interviewed

An excellent interview with Peter Miles, extolling the virtues of Radio Bastard and his star turn as the Reverend Marcus Ocelot, now on Southside Broadcasting's podcast:

Monday 16 December 2013

Radio Bastard: Christmas Bonuses and Deadlines

This week, we're putting up the last two episodes of Radio Bastard early, because...

We're also putting up the link to download the full package, complete with the bonus Buy all 6 Faction Paradox for Half Price offer!

You can either get the last two episodes of RB for the price of a single episode-- or, you can buy the full 15 episodes, get the half-price offer, and also a set of bonus tracks of every jingle you can hear on the programme (and of course, the previous bonus track of the Painting With Arthur programme from Episode 4).

However: our deadline for last orders on physical CDs will be 4 PM on 18 December (that's this Wednesday). Any CD orders received after that will be processed and sent in January 2014. Downloads, obviously, will be available throughout the holiday period.

Download Radio Bastard here, and enjoy the finale!

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Radio Bastard Episode 13: Little Bastard Dies Screaming

In the antepenultimate episode of Radio Bastard, Professor Krieg is back with a new invention, which will revolutionise policing in Little Bastard, ridding the streets of drug dealers, hooligans and pedestrians. Will it all be over by Christmas? Download it here.

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Radio Bastard Episode 12: The Tower of Babel

This week, Reverend Ocelot is called to Liz Thornton's office to account for his behaviour. When the Mistress of Managementspeak confronts the virtuoso of the Bible quotation, only one can emerge victorious! Starring Peter Miles; download the death-match here.

Sunday 1 December 2013

Free Celestial Toyroom sampler

Doctor Who fans can now download a free pdf sampler of content from the DWAS' zine Celestial Toyroom, including a review of the Robots of Death and Storm Mine live stage productions in Manchester. Link here.