Saturday 26 February 2011

Classic Jacqueline Pearce Interview

This month's addition to our series of classic Blake's 7 content is an extended version of an interview with Jacqueline Pearce conducted for TV Zone in 1991, discussing her time on Blake's 7, Doctor Who and Moondial. Includes extra material not published at the time.

Wednesday 23 February 2011

Nicholas Courtney 1929-2011

All of us at Magic Bullet are very sad to hear about the death of Nick Courtney yesterday. As well as being admirers of his work in Doctor Who and elsewhere, we have fond memories of working with him on the Kaldor City stories Hidden Persuaders, Taren Capel and Checkmate, where, in a serious deviation from his familiar role as The Brigadier, he played the unhinged Kaldor City News presenter Packard. We will miss him, and our thoughts are with his family.

UPDATE: Alan has written up a small reminiscence about his time working with Nick, you can read it here.