Thursday, 2 August 2012

Kudos for Metafiction and The Time Waster

  Just thought I'd share what a couple of fans have been saying about our newest productions, Metafiction and The Time Waster:

From Mark Oliver:

“Metafiction - now I get the title! Brilliant.  Great comic timing and a really fun reflection of the series - 'we blew it up' – ha!”

“I finally had a free hour and listened to The Time Waster.  What a brilliant script!  How did you keep track of all of the timelines?  I'm glad I wasn't driving while listening to this one.  Paul Darrow puts in a sublime performance I think. You really coaxed the very best out of him.”

From Johanna Mead:

“Y'all are awesome. Giggled madly throughout Metafiction. Listening to Time Waster now and really enjoying it. Alan Stevens just likes f***ing with people's heads, doesn't he?”

Please feel free to email with any comments on Kaldor City: Metafiction and The Time Waster, but please do also remember to state whether or not they should be considered for publication.