Sunday, 15 September 2013

On filesharing

With Radio Bastard about to be launched, a quick word about filesharing:

Please don't.

The simple bottom line is, we're a small business, and if our products don't sell, then we can't make any more. We know times are hard, and we've kept our CD prices the same since the early 2000s; we've kept our download prices low as well (for ten pounds, you can get over an hour and twenty minutes' worth of entertainment!).

So, if you like our plays, buy them. If you want your friends to discover them, buy them a copy, or link them to the free content on If you do that, you'll not only get a great CD (with bonus autographs on the multibuy deals) or download, but you'll be supporting writers, actors, producers, and providing the support for future dramas.

Thank you all.